VERO: Everything You Need To Know


VERO: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re even slightly as social media obsessed as we are, you’ve probably heard about the latest social app on the scene: Vero

What’s Vero?

Launched back in 2015, it’s a social media platform that’s similar in style and function to the big three (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) but has a bit of a different ethos. There are no ads, no algorithms affecting what you see and no mining of your data. Vero promises not to introduce these in the future and instead monetise their platform by introducing a subscription model after the first million users (yep, if you sign up for an account now you’ll get t use Vero for free for life). You can read their full manifesto here.

The last decade has been defined by social media. For better and for worse.

What’s the app like? 

Due to rapid adoption, Vero has actually been struggling to keep up and users are experiencing various outage issues at the moment. Service has been a bit intermittent, and it’s been a little hard for us to sign up, log in and post over the past few days. However, Vero has stated that they’re working tirelessly to sort out the issues.

The interface itself is really nice – a hybrid of Instagram and Twitter, with contextualised cards for you to share what you’re currently enjoying or what you would or wouldn’t recommend. The card design makes it feel like a curated online magazine as opposed to the Frankensteined Facebook feed of pixelated photos, irrelevant ads and clickbait articles that we’re so used to.

Sharing is slightly more unique here too. With each post, you can decide on its visibility settings right there and then – whether you want to show it to connections (close friends, friends or acquaintances) or followers. Your privacy options are more transparent here it seems.

If you’ve just signed up though, expect your feed to be much quieter than what you’re used to. Like any new platform, users will be slow to join and post. The friends and followers you’ve amassed over the years elsewhere won’t be moved over. Take our advice: enjoy the quiet while it lasts!

Should I download it?

Why not! If you’re sick of the big three like a lot of people, it might be a nice change. We don’t often see new social media apps getting widespread attention, and when they do they normally don’t last too long. Will Vero be the next Snapchat? Or will it fizzle out and take the same route as Google+? Who knows. But with the revolt against the likes of Facebook & Co., only time will tell if Vero is here to save the day.

To learn more about Vero and to download the app, visit their website: