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Lolly and Cooks

Social Media Management, Content Creation & Facebook Advertising

Lolly and Cooks

We worked with Dublin-based cafe chain Lolly and Cooks to create and implement a full social media strategy.

Established in 2009, Lolly and Cooks is a family-run business consisting of 4 cafes across the greater Dublin area. While running their busy cafes they were finding it difficult to dedicate the time and resources needed to manage their social media accounts on a consistent basis. They were posting content infrequently and often missing important messages from their customers. They were also eager to reach a wider audience for their cafes, as well as promote their new corporate offering.

Our solution was to create and implement a full social media strategy in order to attract new customers and engage their exisiting audience. This allowed them to focus on the day-to-day running of their business while having the peace of mind that their online presence was being taken care of.

Our work with them included management of their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, customer service through direct messaging, regular content creation (graphics, photography, videography), and paid social media advertising.

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Design, Digital, Social, Strategy