We have some exciting news. Last week, our new venture was born. Say hello to Craft Digital – Ireland’s first digital marketing agency focused on the craft beer and artisan food movement. 

We’ve always been big fans of craft beer and great food in the CASTLE33 office, and we started to recognise how this niche market just wasn’t being catered to enough in Ireland. Other agencies were focusing only on big names and simply ignoring the new, emerging indigenous companies. We chatted to existing clients in the area and they agreed that this would be a great step to take – so we went for it.

Combining the skill set of some of the existing CASTLE33 team and adding a few fresh faces to the mix, we believe we’ve got the perfect team to take Ireland’s craft beer and artisan food to the next level. We hand picked a team of foodies and beer geeks skilled within the digital world and have put together something really unique.

We launched officially on Tuesday August 25th ahead of the Irish Craft Beer Festival in the RDS, Dublin. The event took place in The Harbour Bar (Lonely Planet’s ‘The Best Bar in the World’ 2010) and was a great success with some of Ireland’s top brewers, bloggers, chefs and critics in attendance. The event was also catered by Wicklow based craft beer brewery O Brother Brewing (thanks for that lads!).

With Craft Digital, we aim to be the leading agency in digital marketing for craft beer and artisan food companies, and we’re the first in Ireland to do so too. Our services will be similar to that of CASTLE33, which include branding, content creation, social media campaigns and online strategies. Our aim is to work closely with Irish SMEs to develop their businesses and digitally expand their message domestically and abroad. What makes us different than the rest? We’re ultimately the end users of these products we’ll be promoting, and have a vast existing knowledge in what they’re all about and the production behind it all.

For more information on Craft Digital, visit our website: www.craftdigital.ie and make sure to give us a follow across all of our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram